What is Biofeedback? (with Sarah Barber, Nutritionist, Brighton & Hove, Pure People)

Biofeedback (also known as Bio-resonance) is a highly advanced technology, which could be described as having a conversation with the body at a cellular level using frequency as a language. 

By testing reactions to thousands of frequencies the technology is able to assess which areas of the body are showing signs of energetic stress.

Examples of areas where imbalances may show up are:

  • nutritional imbalances (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fats)
  • food sensitivities & environmental allergies (over 320 in total)
  • hormones & neurotransmitters
  • emotional imbalances 
  • viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, friendly bacteria (micro flora)
  • toxicity & heavy metals
  • electromagnetic sensitivity
  • organ or gland or body system health (liver, adrenals, digestion etc)
  • homeopathic and flower remedy indications

The machine

The machine itself is registered and recognized as medical testing equipment under European law.  The device offers the benefit of being non-invasive, painless and less expensive than other forms of testing e.g. laboratory blood tests. 

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Who is Biofeedback suitable for?

Biofeedback is suitable for all ages and people in all stages of health.

My approach

I offer tailored biofeedback sessions to clients who would like to understand the underlying causes of their health conditions and learn how to improve their health holistically.  I have a background in naturopathic nutrition and combine this knowledge with Biofeedback to provide a unique and powerful offering to my clients.  I think of Biofeedback as having an extra (powerful) tool in my tool-box and have helped many clients overcome chronic health conditions.  I have a personal interest in working helping women support themselves through pregnancy and beyond as well as babies & children.  I also really enjoy working with people preventatively to stay well and avoid getting ill in the first place.  Outside of this I have had lots of success helping individuals with issues around energy/adrenal fatigue, sleep, digestion, weight loss, allergies, pain and stress.

How the treatment works

You sit down (or lie if you prefer) and a headband is used which connects the biofeedback machine to your head. This allows electromagnetic signals to be sent and received from the body. The therapy is very relaxing and you will feel comfortable throughout the session. The Biofeedback device scans the body using over 7,000 frequencies and measures the subsequent response. From this, it can identify signals of any imbalance it finds in the body and is able to send back the appropriate frequencies to rebalance them.   In this way Biofeedback can be used as a therapy through rebalancing and desensitization as well as a diagnostic tool.


By analysing patterns and tying results with her client’s case history, I am able to give information about issues, which may be below conscious recognition. The energetic imbalances are identified by the Biofeedback device in order of the body's priorities. Treatment is therefore similar to peeling an onion; each session will work with the outermost layer. The Biofeedback device applies the appropriate frequencies to help correct imbalances and allow the body to move into a state of greater health and vitality. The subconscious indicates which treatment or remedies are most appropriate for each individual. 

What you take home

Each client will take-away a report of key findings from the Biofeedback screening as well as a personalized plan including actions & diet/lifestyle advice to meet client’s health goal.  Sarah also makes suggestions on supplements if appropriate and provides relevant information sheets to support her client during the duration of their treatment.

Sessions take place from my clinic space in Woodingdean, Brighton in East Sussex.

If you'd like any more information or to book a session, please contact me on 07976 936363 or email sarah@pure-people.co.uk