Articles & Interviews


Apr 2014

"Coping with erectile dysfunction" - five tips to prevent erectile dysfunction and increase your libido...

"Keep allergic asthma under control" - find out how lifestyle changes and supplements could help ease asthma symptoms..


May 2013

"What are the most common nutrient deficiencies?" - find out what the symptoms are and who is at risk....


Jun 2013

"What is iron deficiency?"find out what causes iron deficiency and what the symptoms are.... 

Mar 2013 - Beta-glucans and their role in lowering Cholesterol


Jan 2013 - Interview with me, Sarah Barber (Nutritionist in Brighton & Hove) - hear what I think about the state of our country's diet, how I got into nutrition and why I'm so passionate about natural health


Jan 2013 - Acai Berries and their antioxidant properies - article for HealthSpan with expert comment from Sarah Barber, written by Louise Turner


Dec 2012 - Health Tips for Pregnancy, guest post from Sarah Barber, nutrition expert for FittaMamma


Nov 2011 - Brighton Mums Wall of Fame - Interview with Sarah Barber, Nutritionist in Brighton & Hove