Nutritional Therapy for Babies and Children

As well as being a mother, I have always loved children and my personal interest in treating babies and children as a nutritional therapist is really just an extension from these things.  The inherent innocence of babies and young children makes working with this age group very special. Because, by definition, there is less health history than with adults, they are usually more straight forward to treat.  Results often occur quickly and even small interventions can create significant improvement in sypmtoms.  

Some of the most common conditions Nutritional Therapy can help and that I frequently treat (for babies & toddlers) are; colic, constant runny noses/colds, constipation or runny stools, skin conditions such as eczema, teething pain/slow teethers, allergies, sleep issues, weaning guidance, fussy feeders, failture to thrive and weight management.  In addition, slightly older children can respond well to nutritional therapy for common childhood conditions such as asthma, eczema, behavioural issues, frequent colds/infections as well as food sensitivities, sleep issues, bed-wetting and weight management.

Additionally, conditions such as hyperactivity and ADHD, temper tantrums and learning difficulties can also benefit from nutritional intervention.