Pregnancy Nutrition

After experiencing the wonder of pregnancy myself, it has inspired and enthused me to support other women in this wonderful and important journey.  Seeking advice from a nutritionist before, during and/or after pregnancy can bring many benefits.  Prior to conception it can be a vital tool in ensuring mum and dad are in the best possible health prior to conceiving, indeed there is now mouting evidence of the positive outcomes on future health of well nourished parents around the time of conception.  

Great nutritional status will of course also ensure the highest chances of a successful outcome to not just conception and pregnancy but the birth and beyond.  

Good nutrition is also essential during pregnancy and I work with women as their pregnancy progresses through each trimester and the changing nutritional requirements this brings as well as common pregnancy-related conditions such as heartburn, morning sickness, anaemia, diabetes and high/low blood pressure.  

Lastly post-natally, nutritional therapy can help meet the increased nutritional demands as a result of the labour itself, breast-feeding plus all the other demands of caring both for a newborn and in the months and years that follow.  This also encourages a smoother transition into early motherhood and beyond as well as benefiting the breastfeeding baby/child via the milk.


Nutritional Therapy for Babies and Children

As well as being a mother, I have always loved children and my personal interest in treating babies and children as a nutritional therapist is really just an extension from these things.  Babies and children are a pleasure to work with for several reasons.  The inherent innocence of babies and young children makes working with this age group very special. Because, by definition, there is less health history than with adults, they are usually more straight forward to treat.  Results often occur quickly and even small interventions can create big changes.  

Some of the most common conditions Nutritional Therapy can help are (for babies & toddlers); colic, teething problems, allergies, sleep issues, weaning guidance, fussy feeders and weight management.  In addition older children can respond well to nutritional therapy for common childhood conditions such as asthma, eczema, frequent colds/infections as well as food sensitivities, sleep issues and weight management.

Additionally, conditions such as hyperactivity and ADHD, temper tantrums and learning difficulties can also benefit from nutritional intervention.