Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing (Foods, Environmetal Allergens including Pollens, Grasses, Animal Hair etc):

As part of Biofeedback (see below)


Nutrient Testing (Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Heavy Metals)

As part of Biofeedback (see below)


Other Screens Include: (Hormones, Flower Remedies, Homeopathics, Emotional Stressors, Organs, Homocysteine, Parasites, Viruses, Bacterias, Prions, Fungi, Candida)

As part of Biofeedback (see below)



BioFeedback Therapy (includes nutrition consultation & flower remedies):

Biofeedback therapy asesses the stress response and subsequent impact to the body from food sensitivities, environmental allergies, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, emotional stress, hormone balance and more.

First appointment incl. first treatment/desensitization* £120 (2 hours)

Subsequent appointments (re-test & treatment/desensitization) £90 (1.5 hours)


Nutritional Therapy:

Initial appointments:

Adult first appointment £90 (1.5 hours) 

Adult first appointment with BioFeedback* £120 (2 hours)

Child (age 2-14) first appointment £60 (1 hour)

Child (age 2-14) first appointment with BioFeedback* £90 (1.5 hours)

Baby (under 2): £45

Baby (under 2) with BioFeedback* (£75)

*Includes desensitization and flower remedies

Follow-on Appointments

In person Nutrition Only (60 mins) - Adult or Child (age 2-14): £60 or baby £45 (45 mins)

In person with BioFeedback* - Adult or Child: £90 (90 mins) or baby £75 (75 mins)

By phone (30 minutes) - Adult or Child: £35, baby (under 2): £30


Express Diet Review (30 minutes face-to-face or by phone)

Food diary completed by you prior to session. This is reviewed with high-level findings fed back to you. Suggestions made for foods to increase/decrease. Basic advice only. Not intended to treat therapeutically.

Adults & Children £35. 



5% discount if 2 appointments are booked and paid together

10% discount if 3 appointments are booked and paid together

12.5% discount if 4 appointments are booked and paid together

15% discount if 5 appointments are booked and paid together

Offer valid for full nutrition consultations and biofeedback sessions only (not express diet reviews)

Packages can be used for specific health goals such as weight loss, energy, mood etc or general nutrition work

Packages must be paid in full at first appointment (in cash) or prior to first appointment by bank transfer

All payments are non-refundable.



Please contact me for concessions

Please note at least 48 hours notice is required for cancellations or re-scheduling appointments, otherwise a 50% charge will be applied.


Health Writing, Workshops and Talks:

From £60/hour - please contact me for more information