Professional Development - Sarah Barber - Nutritionist, Brighton, Pure People

Nutrition seminars, continuing professional development

As a nutritional therapist (nutritionist), keeping my knowledge up to date is important and ensures I'm maintaining my CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours.  I do this by attending seminars, relevant industry events & conferences as well as reading around the subject of natural health & nutrition.  Some of the training I've participated in to date includes:


Nutritional Professional Development in 2016 (Training Seminars) 

 Food Pathology (BioNutri) - March


Nutritional Professional Development in 2013 (Training Seminars) 

Nutrition Connections of the Human Microflora (BioNutri) - Dec 2013 

Sex Hormones (BioCare - Alessandro Feretti) 

Chronic Fatigue (BioNutri) - Oct 2013

The role of Nutrition in Female Health (Lamberts) - June 2013

Raw Food & Cancer (Brian Clement/CNM) - June 2013

BodyMatters (BioCare - Alessandro Feretti) - May 2013


Nutritional Professional Development in 2012 (Training Seminars) 

The role of nutrition in Infertility (Nutri) - Jan
Nutritional aspects of Asthma & Eczema (Nutri) - Jan
Weight Management (Higher Nature) - Jan
Advanced Raw Chocolate Class (Amy Levin - Ooosha)
Essential Facts about Fats (Lamberts Healthcare) June

Reviews the importance of fats in the diet and their many roles in the human body. It also investigates the fat content of foods and includes dietary analysis. Supplemental forms of essential fats also discussed. Practical ideas & protocols to enhance well-being and address many common health problems when working nutritionally with clients.

Nutritional Professional Development in 2011:

Perinatal Nutrition Seminar (Higher Nature)
Children's Nutrition Seminar (BioNutri)
Children's Health Seminar (Lamberts Healthcare)