Pregnancy Nutrition

After experiencing the wonder of pregnancy myself, it has inspired and enthused me to support other women in this wonderful and important journey.  Seeking advice from a nutritionist before, during and/or after pregnancy can bring many benefits.  Prior to conception it can be a vital tool in ensuring mum and dad are in the best possible health prior to conceiving.  This will of course ensure the highest chances of a successful outcome to not just conception and pregnancy but the birth and beyond.  Good nutrition is also essential during pregnancy and I work with women as their pregnancy progresses through each trimester and the changing nutritional requirements this brings as well as common pregnancy-related conditions such as heartburn, morning sickness, anaemia, diabetes and high/low blood pressure.  Lastly post-natally, nutritional therapy can help meet the increased nutritional demands as a result of the labour itself, breast-feeding plus all the other demands of caring for a newborn.  This of course encourages a smoother transition into early motherhood and beyond.