Raw Chocolate Parties for Children

I am happy to offer workshops for groups of children whether it be parties or a more educational slant (more focus on nutritional and health benefits).

Workshops are also tailored to specific age groups.  Typically the older the children the more talking/information provided.  Younger children will have a predominantly practical, slightly shorter session.

Format of all sessions includes:

  • an introduction to raw chocolate and where chocolate comes from
  • a look at ingredients in chocolate (raw cacao powder, cacao butter and natural sweetners), enouraging children to smell & taste them
  • watch a short demonstration of me making the chocolate
  • choosing a mold for their chocolate
  • deciding what natural ingredients to put in their molds to customise their chocolate (eg dried berries (raisins, goji berries, mulberries, cranberries), seeds, chocolate chips (cacao nibs), crunchy 'biscuits' (buckwheaties)
  • participation in fun quiz whilst chocolate is setting, the winner will receive a chocolate-related prize 
  • after chocolates have set in fridge / freezer each child takes away a bag of their own raw and organic customised chocolates with their name on

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £10/head including ingredients

£20/head including ingredients and chocolate-making kit so children can have a go at home