Spiced nut milk

As soon as the weather starts to get colder, I always start to dream about this gorgeously rich and flavoursome nut milk.  You can use any nut you like but my favourite is using pecans.


1/2 cup pecans, soaked

1 litre pure water


1-2 drops of your favourite food-grade dōTERRA spice oils (e.g. cardamom, cinnamon, On Guard, cassia, clove etc)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

Pinch salt

1/2 tablespoon date or maple syrup


Soak nuts for at least an hour, preferably overnight

Blend all ingredients in a high power blender for 30-60 seconds or until nuts are completely broken down

Strain through nut milk bag or muslin if you have one

Chill before you drink or if you're wanting to drink immediately, substitute ice for some of the water

You can dry any left over nut pulp in a dehydrator if you have one or otherwise in your oven on its lowest setting.  You can then powder it down in a coffee mill or power blender and you now have some beautiful nut flour!!