Some Testimonials made by clients

" good health has a lot to do with your fantastic advice! Thank u so much".

Jenny Payne, Brighton

"I was very pleased with my consultation for my daughter with Sarah.  She was very helpfull and full of information that made me more confident about our diet and what I could do to make it better.

I have already filled our cupboards with new food supplies which I hope the family will like! " 
Alkisti Arvaniti, Brighton

"I am so pleased that I was recommended to see Sarah.  I really liked Sarah's lovely calm and friendly manner.  She gave me very clear and easy to follow advice and instructions on how to improve on my nutritional requirements whilst coping with a hectic life-style." 
Anne Buskell, Brighton

"I wanted to see a nutritional therapist in order to generally improve my sense of well-being and state of mind.  I was going through a stressful time and was having difficulties sleeping so there were a number of issues to address.  During my consultation with Sarah she carried out a thorough analysis of my lifestyle, diet and exercise habits etc, covering all aspects.   At the end of the consultation she presented me with a personal plan with the appropriate dietary, fitness and general recommendations for me to take away and follow.  I learnt a lot from the consultation and found that it helped me to have a better understanding of my body and how to take care of it and together with this, and following her recommendations, I have found that I have had significantly less health issues, more energy and feel that my body and mind is healthier and happier! " 
Charlotte, London (Age 27)

"Having seen Sarah for an initial consultation and a follow up appointment, Sarah listened to my concerns, giving clear guidance and understanding. She worked with me to help me understand my nutritional and dietary needs, backed with reading material to take away. Very clear, professional and kind lady. " 
Darran Foss, Hove